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We are a provider of telecommunications consulting services in addition to voice and data solutions.  At Centennial Telephone, our mission is to provide world class communications consulting services  to our customers.
Below is a menu list of the consulting services offered by Centennial Telephone.   We can analyze your needs and provide an unbiased solution for your organization.

Analysis of client’s Voice, Data, and Internet needs
Equipment – for voice and data (LAN / WAN)
Network Applications – analog, digital, frame, ATM ect.
Network Provider – local RBOC and LD Carrier

Research current and future technologies and present options to client
Current applications and technologies
Voice over IP
Wireless solutions
Unified Messenger

- Configuration and engineering of design
Single site or multiple locations
Centralized administration or Managed administration

- RFI, RFP and RFQ documentation
Provide and distribute

- Vendor candidate bid list
Select vendors from authorized providers

- Vendor selection and contractual agreements
Provide client with guaranteed time lines and equipment performance

- Project management
Interface between client and vendor during implementation

- Ongoing maintenance and support contracts
Select vendors from authorized local providers


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